Whimsy Rose.

Whimsy Rose

Whimsy Rose believes that personalization is a "celebration of the artistic spirit in each of us," which is why they give their customer creative control and let them take over as designer. Like its shoppers, no two Whimsy Rose garments are alike: customers can choose a style then pick a pattern from various carefully-curated collections.


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A unique brand needs a unique marketing strategy: one that speaks to individuality and creativity in the same way that the clothes do themselves.


To carry Whimsy Rose's brand story through its marketing efforts, Noticed opted for personalized content and custom-tailored messaging that would capture the attention of fresh faces and keep existing customers coming back.

As a company with limited internal resources and experience in data driven email marketing and social media advertising, it is refreshing to have found Noticed. Their team continues to impress us in how they implement knowledge about our product, industry and customers to use the latest in tools and strategies to get the most growth from our marketing efforts.

- Steve Sleet, Marketing Director

Email Marketing

Personalized Content

For a brand where no two garments are alike, why shouldn't the overarching email strategy cater to customers on a personalized level? Noticed utilized triggered flows with dynamic recommendations of weekly featured designs and custom-curated selections—all hyper-targeted based on onsite behaviors. These dynamic recommendations helped grow Whimsy Rose's email revenue from 25% of their business pre-Noticed to over 50%.



Revenue from Email Marketing


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Facebook Marketing

Driving Qualified Traffic

Whimsy Rose approached Noticed with a keen focus on getting new eyes on their custom-designed women's line. To implement an effective strategy, Noticed determined paid social would be a channel that would need to be granularly managed on a daily basis because no two pieces are alike. Noticed executed a full-scale paid social strategy focused on driving qualified traffic and fresh faces to the site. Noticed complimented this prospecting strategy with bottom-of-the-funnel retargeting and constant A/B testing to drive over 10,000 unique links clicks to the Whimsy Rose website in four short months.



Unique Clicks in Four Months


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