Sunplay is an online swimming pool supply company that’s been doing business since 1967, when they became the first business of their kind in Utah—and they’ve been first ever since. Even the greatest companies have room to grow though, and Sunplay saw upping their ecommerce presence as an opportunity to do so.


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When Sunplay approached Noticed in the spring of 2018, they were ready to scale their email marketing efforts. An email marketing overhaul for Sunplay consisted switching them from MailChimp to Klaviyo, then implementing two crucial details: flows and campaigns. Flows—which are triggered by onsite customer behavior—have proven to be a powerful tool for eCommerce brands, providing highly personalized content to nurture relationships with current and potential customers alike.


Included in the flows Noticed built out for Sunplay was a welcome series—a sequence of emails to welcome new shoppers—a three-part abandoned cart sequence to remind shoppers of items in their carts that haven’t been paid for yet, a browser abandonment email intended to convert window shoppers into the real deal, a customer win-back email, a post-purchase thank you note, and an email thanking shoppers for leaving a review.


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Noticed has made the process of launching and maintaining our site easy and painless. From launching our Shopify Plus site to managing our email marketing campaigns, the team has been easy to work with and always stays in contact to ensure everything runs smoothly. I would highly recommend the team at Noticed.

- John Olson, CEO

Email Marketing

1,654% Increase

Consistent connectivity, expertly-crafted campaigns, and effective flow management does wonders, and of Sunplay’s revenue over the next few months, 55% could be attributed to flows. Sunplay saw a 1,654% increase in email marketing revenue—in just seven months.

Ecommerce Services

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Because of the large catalog and variety of categories and products Sunplay has to offer, having a quick, effective search feature is vital.

To keep conversion rates high and customers finding what they need as quickly and easily as possible, Noticed implemented advanced search and faceted filtering using Nextopia.

Custom Features

Noticed also built Hot Tub Warehouse, Sunplay's sister ecommerce site. One feature on the site allows customers to create a fully customized hot tub cover: size, shape, color, fabric, and more. 

The feature allows customers to customize their hot tub cover to fit their specifications and wants. 

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