Starfire Direct

With 15 years of experience in the hearth and patio industry, Starfire Direct has become a leader in the home and outdoor space. The award-winning retailer isn’t known just for its collaborations with world-class designers on various television programs or the popularity of its products both in homes and commercial establishments, but for its high touch customer service tactics. Even as Starfire Direct has scaled, they’ve made a point of personally responding to all customer needs. If that doesn’t warm your hearth, what does?


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Home & Outdoor


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The time and resources required to keep Starfire’s Magento site up and running pulled the focus away from customer care, which is a critical part of Starfire’s brand identity and reputation. Additionally, the website experienced frequent outages, software updates, security breaches, catalog restrictions, and more. In order to grow Starfire’s revenue and influence in the space, a migration to Shopify Plus—a platform designed for scalability—was necessary.


In addition to being stable and secure, Shopify Plus is scalable by design. By eliminating the various technical challenges Starfire was faced with on Magento, Shopify freed up bandwidth for resources to be allocated elsewhere: namely, marketing and optimization. As a result, Starfire's metrics have improved across the board.


Conversion Rate Increase


Average Order Value Increase

Technology Platforms

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We’ve been partnered with Noticed a few years now, and I can honestly say that there is no need to look elsewhere. Their expertise and execution of what an A++ Ecommerce agency should be is evident when working with their team. They re-platformed our site from Magento EE to Shopify Plus and continue to support us and implement data-driven ideas and improvements that help increase our ROI. Noticed is an ethical agency and has earned my trust.

- Jonathan Burlingham, CEO

Ecommerce Services

Content & Commerce

For home & outdoor merchants like Starfire, simply featuring product images on their own does little to inspire a purchase. Content management was part of the design for Starfire’s replatforming, and the site is rich with lifestyle imagery displaying Starfire’s products in various home settings—in the blog, as well as on product detail pages. Allowing customers to visualize products in their own environments is good for conversion rates.

Nearly Perfect Uptime

Thanks to Shopify’s cloud-based tech, Starfire is no longer vulnerable to the downtimes that often come along with legacy platforms. No downtime equates to no lost sales, and a better shopping experience that will build trust with customers both old and new.



Site Uptime

Search & Filter

With a large catalog of varied products, Noticed worked to build an efficient journey for Starfire’s customers. In addition to featuring clearly-defined collections in the main navigation, Noticed integrated Nextopia, which allows users to search and filter through results quickly to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Leveraging A/B Testing

A/B testing ensures that conversion rates will be as high as they can be. By staying attuned to onsite behaviors, Noticed is able to leverage that data to make the necessary changes. Recent tests have pointed out the need for a restructured home page and main navigation. 



Revenue Increase