Spongelle's Stunning Site Revamp


Unlocking Growth & Performance

Soaping Up for Success: Spongelle's Redesign Adventure
Spongelle recognized the importance of providing an exceptional online experience for their customers. To achieve this, they had already partnered with Noticed, as their optimization client. This collaboration allowed them to fine-tune various aspects of their online store and improve its overall performance. As the partnership evolved, both Spongelle and Noticed identified an opportunity to elevate the brand's online presence even further. The next step was to take Spongelle's user experience (UX) to new heights with a comprehensive design overhaul that would breathe new life into their Shopify Plus store.
Spongelle's Shower of Challenges: How a UX Overhaul Boosted Site Speed and Performance
One of the main challenges encountered during the project revolved around managing the numerous apps that Spongelle had introduced to their online store. Many of these apps were not serving a specific purpose, and their presence was contributing to a slower site speed. To effectively address this issue, Noticed needed to work closely with the client, guiding them on which apps to retain and which ones to remove, in order to optimize the store's performance. Site speed is a critical factor for e-commerce organizations, as a slow-loading website can have wide-ranging consequences that impact the user experience, brand perception, and overall success of the business