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Business casual shouldn’t mean sacrificing personal style. So Southern Scholar created a dress sock subscription box to bring quality and creativity to every office.


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Southern Scholar was in the market for a high-touch email marketing agency that understood the challenges of a subscription-based merchant. Noticed’s enthusiastic team and well-tailored client portfolio made us the perfect pair.


Compared to traditional businesses, subscription models have more touchpoints in their customer journey. To help Southern Scholar scale, the key would be segmenting their email lists and engaging each one with a bespoke content strategy.

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If you're looking for an agency that's a true extension of your team, this is it. I truly believe that (our Email Marketing Manager) Shannon cares about the success of our business as much as we do. She's diligent, responsive, and goes above and beyond to make sure we're always taken care of.

- Kevin Wohlman, CEO of Southern Scholar

Email Marketing

Segmentation and Automation

A subscription service has a long customer journey with several interaction points - prospects, current subscribers, canceled subscribers, gift-buyers, and those you have won back. 

After carefully segmenting their email lists, Noticed set up revenue-generating flows customized to each. From “last chance” offers for prospects, to styling tips and upsell automations for subscribers, each flow is tailor-made for its audience.

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Email Marketing


Another challenge for subscription services is tracking their customer journey; the popularity of gifting and the prevalence of buyers canceling and resubscribing can make it difficult to calculate lifetime value.

Using a combination of metrics from Recharge, Klaviyo, and Google Analytics, we helped give Southern Scholar the insights they need.

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