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With a deeply engaged customer list, Noticed understood that one of the major pain points for Boie coming into the partnership was the optimization of the automated flow infrastructure. Noticed got to work quickly to not only optimize the strategy and design of all key pre and post purchase live flows, but added in four new critical subscription based flows to increase subscription rates on site.
Lemon perfect
With a simple shopping funnel on site, optimization of PDP (product display page) was of the utmost importance to emerging beverage brand, Lemon Perfect. With a higher than average bounce rate on PDP, Noticed identified that by improving UI by shifting page layout above the fold on mobile and desktop, there would be a significant impact on performance. Within weeks, Lemon Perfect's PDP abandonment rate dropped by a whopping 25%

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At Noticed, it’s about quality, not quantity. We are a boutique agency with a flexible and inspired team that lives and breathes ecommerce. All of our clients receive dedicated resources and a full stack team of experts to help them achieve their growth goals.