Fashion & Apparel

Rails Clothing

With a core focus on improving email marketing creative and implementing an A/B testing strategy, Noticed partnered with Rails Clothing to lead the way in elevating their retention program

Increase In Emails Delivered
Quarterly Growth In Unique Flow Clicks
Increase In YOY Q4 Owned Revenue
Automated Flow Optimization
The elevation of the Rails Clothing brand story was of the utmost importance and priority number one in our partnership. Once the brand value props were implemented across all key customer journeys, Noticed used a data-driven approach to understand previous engagement/performance and make recommendations for new creative and strategic optimizations.
Let The Data Guide Us
Implementation of a granular A/B testing strategy was the second core priority to Rails Clothing. Noticed identified the key strategic elements of campaign and flow designs that should be tested along with digging into tests for campaign send times. These tests yielded statistical significance to where Rails Clothing saw a heavy uptick in performance across the board in their email program.
Women & Men’s Product Lines
With the vast majority of the Rails Clothing brand focused on women’s clothing, Noticed was enlisted in elevating the men’s clothing line in key automated flows to drive additional revenue for the other side of the Rails business. Noticed implemented a more personalized customer experience for both women and men based on data gathered and customer information requested throughout the email marketing journey on site and in Klaviyo.

Seeking a partner to develop an extensive testing strategy to understand customer behavior across the different channel paths and apply those learnings to aid retention program growth, Noticed developed critical CRM strategies that grew the Rails Clothing business significantly.

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