Proleve is committed to producing the highest grade CBD products available, so that customers can enjoy the natural benefits of hemp worry-free. The brand specializes in all natural, USA-made products that you can trust. They adhere to the highest testing and quality control standards to ensure goodness and purity every time- from delicious gummies, to versatile tinctures and salves, and everything in between.


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In August of 2019, Proleve engaged Noticed to launch their email marketing experience from the ground up. Starting fresh with a small email database and no existing automations, we had a clean slate to get them started on the leading eCommerce email service provider - Klaviyo.

Project Goals

After covering the basics (list-building, template design, and automated flow creation) email success came early for Proleve. That meant we were quickly able to identify and move on to new priorities, including launching timely, socially-significant campaigns; supporting Proleve’s wholesale business; and adapting to a changing market.


Increase in email list size since working with Noticed


Average email open rate


Higher open rate than the industry average

Technology Platforms

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Since working with Noticed, Proleve boasts an email open rate 124% higher than the industry average.

Email Marketing

Current Events Campaigns

There’s nothing like a timely promotion to boost sales. 

With Proleve’s warm, positive, and authentic brand, Noticed has had plenty of room to play with creative campaigns.

From “testing your luck” with Saint Patrick’s Day mystery deals, to sliding Super Bowl discounts that increased if you correctly predicted the winner, we’ve helped Proleve put a unique spin on seasonal promotions. 

Email Marketing

Wholesale Support

As CBD becomes increasingly mainstream, wholesale opportunities continue to grow. While Proleve is primarily a D2C brand, wholesale represents a significant ~30% of their business. 

Customizing content for wholesale leads generated at conferences and trade shows, Noticed creates email campaigns tailored to these CBD curators. Focusing on straightforward product education and adapting our calls-to-actions by directing readers to speak directly with Proleve representatives, we’ve helped solidify wholesale as an influential revenue stream.

Email Marketing

Custom(er) Support

While health and wellness products are necessities, and  CBD business continues to boom, no industry is entirely unaffected by COVID-19.

To support their customers during this period of uncertainty, Proleve pledged to offer flexible payment plans tailored to individual customers’ needs - with as little as 15% down.

This incredible act of assistance is a major undertaking, requiring dedicated representatives to manage each claim. To be the partner Proleve needs, Noticed has worked side-by-side to pull off the email element, swiftly adapting to customers’ needs and a fast-changing economy. 

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