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Dubbed “water’s wingman” by its creators, ORAL I.V.’s natural beverages hydrate athletes in a way typical sports drink can’t. Just as ORAL I.V. accelerates the hydration process, Noticed approached the brand’s email marketing strategy like we were throwing gasoline on a fire - explosive growth imminent.


List Segmentation
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Health and Wellness


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For lifestyle brands like ORAL I.V, it’s all in the content - in this case, a variety of inspiring content. Identifying and replicating the brand’s top-performing themes - education and promotional sales - has allowed Noticed to consistently achieve open and click rates above industry standards.


Determined to create content that's as dynamic as ORAL I.V.’s customers and as natural as its product, Noticed launched a bold “Athlete Of The Month” campaign. Additionally, email content is refreshed on a weekly basis to feature new events and races while driving foot traffic to GNC, a brick-and-mortar vendor of the ORAL I.V. line.


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Average Open Rate

Since working with Noticed, email drives 32% of ORAL I.V.’s overall revenue and the company's average open rate rose to 17%.

Marketing (Email)


Implementing streamlined email flows to nurture repeat purchases, welcome rewards program members, and notify customers of backorders allowed Oral I.V. to communicate effectively while keeping customers informed. Since Noticed put 13 revenue-generating flows in place, the impact has spoken for itself: today, email drives 32% of ORAL I.V.’s overall revenue!

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