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Oeuf NYC

Mixing practical minimalism with just the right amount of whimsicality, Oeuf NYC creates clothes and home goods for imaginative children and their design-savvy parents. Oeuf’s sustainably sourced and responsibly crafted pieces are the result of New York practicality and French effortlessness, and their unique aesthetic and commitment to sustainability has made them one of the most respected independent brands in the market.


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Prior to approaching Noticed for a redesign and replatforming, Oeuf NYC’s eCommerce shop was built on Magento Enterprise, which caused issues such as frequent downtime, slow performance, and became a drain on resources that would be best spent elsewhere.

Because Oeuf needed a platform that would allow them to scale, but still be easily managed internally, Shopify Plus was the ideal option.


Once Oeuf NYC switched from Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus, downtime issues were a thing of the past, as their new site now boasts a 99.9% uptime. Thanks to a new design built with optimization in mind, Oeuf saw a significant lift in other key metrics as well, from a 15% increase in Average Order Value, a 54% increase in Conversion Rate, and 73% increase in Revenue.


Conversion Rate Increase


Revenue Increase


Average Order Value Increase

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Oeuf's motto is simple: 'be good,' which touches everything the brand does—especially its ecommerce strategy.

Ecommerce Services

Site Reliability

Thanks to Shopify Plus’s cloud-based tech, Oeuf boasts a 99.9% uptime and the security issues they faced with Magento are long gone. Oeuf no longer has to allocate a majority of their resources to just keep their ecommerce site up and running, and can now focus on what they do best: making some of the most playful and stylish children's’ clothes on the market.


99.9 %

Site Uptime

Brand and Mission, Front and Center

In addition to creating a fully-branded ecommerce experience that serves as an extension of Oeuf's voice and aesthetic, there is space on the homepage that places the brand's morals in the spotlight. Oeuf's standards of sustainability are front and center on the homepage and then woven throughout the rest of the site. Dedicated landing pages serve as in-depth educational resources for users who want to learn more about where their products are sourced. 

Shoppable Content

To showcase its products and inspire shoppers to make a purchase, Oeuf opted to integrate a blog into its site's architecture. The blog features examples of furniture and more arranged in real life situations, with shoppable links to go along with the content. 

Rather than distracting and directing traffic away from the shopping experience, the blog enhances it. 

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