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M. Gemi

Noticed helped level up M. Gemi’s retention marketing program with the launch of SMS and an expansion of tactical automated email flows.

What our clients say
With Noticed, we're reassured that essential communication with our customer file is managed by industry experts who care about our brand and are in lock step with our business goals. Our partners at Noticed have become a valued extension of our own team. They have been instrumental in building our email and SMS program, and do so with sophistication, efficiency and an abundance of creativity.
- Joyce Wang, VP Of Strategy, M. Gemi
Opportunity & Goals
M. Gemi retained Noticed for a very critical reason: bringing in Noticed as a strategic partner could fast-track the optimization and new automations they needed to turn subscribers into incremental retention revenue. After auditing M. Gemi’s library of automations and identifying any untapped Klaviyo features, Noticed stepped in to advance the brand story and fill in customer journey gaps via flows.
Boosting Revenue & Retention
First up? Flow improvements and logic strategy like advanced list segmentation to trigger automated workflows. To pull it off, Noticed’s retention team audited M. Gemi's existing flows, optimized them for conversion, and built out their library of automations with specialized additions like category-specific browse abandonment.
SMS Marketing
Noticed advised M. Gemi capitalize on the online shopping shift by expanding SMS automation, helping them reclaim revenue that would have been left on the table. To maximize the effectiveness of our joint email and SMS efforts, Noticed focused our attention on identifying the brand’s most engaged customers and understanding where and how they wanted to interact.

With M. Gemi's model already designed to streamline the cost of luxury goods, Noticed scaled back on heavy discounts in favor of building brand loyalty - attracting customers to the ‘why’, instead of ‘why not’.

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