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Liquid Death

Increase in ATC
What our clients say
“Our favorite part of working with the Noticed site optimization team is how clean and organized their communication paths are with our team.

Noticed’s willingness to jump on the grenade to support Liquid Death in live time during the airing of our Super Bowl commercial shows how great their attitude is and their willingness to always help their clients”
- Dan Murphy, Head of Technology, Liquid Death
Speed To Execution
With a roadmap established, Noticed’s key value to Liquid Death at the top of our partnership together was to be available to execute work at a very rapid pace without missing a deadline. This speed to execution and reactive relationship shifted gears completely once the foundation of the relationship was built and launched; focusing much more on planning ahead, testing, optimizing past implementations and building a long term roadmap as a collaborate unit.
The Big Game
There are very few brands in the world who are in a position to run an ad on Super Bowl Sunday during the big game…Liquid Death entrusted Noticed with making highly critical site speed optimizations prior to the Super Bowl with a lofty expectation of very high traffic during the game once their commercial aired. The optimizations made by the Noticed team passed with flying colors as the site functioned as smooth as ever with a mass influx of traffic from the overwhelmingly successful SB ad campaign.