Lily Hill.

Lily Hill CBD

Lily Hill sells high-quality, affordable CBD products made with hemp grown on their organic farm in Vermont. All of the brand’s products - including CBD oil, softgels and salves - are “Clean Green Certified”, meaning they are grown sustainably and without the use of pesticides.


Klaviyo Set-up and Onboarding
Content Calendar Creation
Automated Flow Set-Up
Email Strategy Roadmap




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Noticed and Lily Hill began our relationship on the heels of a recent brand update. With a fresh, new image and the means to carry out their vision, their team wanted to be sure they were starting off on the right foot, so they engaged Noticed for a foundational Klaviyo Build-Out project.

Project Goals

To be sure they were set up for success, Lily Hill tasked our team with expert account and automation setup, a crash course in email marketing best practices, and a strategic roadmap to help them stay on course while they learned the ropes of their new email service provider - Klaviyo.


Increase in monthly email revenue


Increase in monthly revenue from campaigns


Increase in monthly revenue from automated flows

I had a great experience with Noticed, who built out a series of emails within Klaviyo. The designers really captured the look we were going for and created beautiful, effective emails for us. The team was a pleasure to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Noticed.

- Rebecca DiGiuseppe, Lily Hill CBD Co-Founder

Email Marketing

Getting Started

Switching to a new ESP comes with up-front work like designing email templates, setting up metrics tracking, and integrating the ESP with your other software. Foundations like these set the tone for your marketing success, so you want to be sure you’ve covered all your bases.

Next, we formulated a content strategy including identifying Lily Hill’s ideal sending cadence, planning a calendar of clickable email content, and building out their collection of revenue-generating flows. 

Finally, we created personalized data feeds that allowed the brand to showcase products based on popular, new arrivals, or a specific category

Email Marketing

Going the Distance

A short-term engagement should still have long-term results, so we arm clients with the tools to succeed on their own.

A personalized crash course in email best practices helped Lily Hill master variables that would move the needle for them: subject lines that encourage opens, CTAs that drive clicks, and a sending cadence that ensures they aren’t leaving money on the table. By changing the brand’s email frequency from twice a month to twice per week, we helped them increase their email revenue by 500%. 

To get even more granular, we took a deep dive into their industry, navigating the regulations, consumer misconceptions, and niches within the space.

Beyond preparing a content calendar and clear overview of next steps, we helped show Lily Hill how to not just maintain their newfound email success, but expand on it. From adding new automations to their collection, to implementing a rewards program - our next project together - Lily Hill is on the fast track to CBD success

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