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Decreased PDP Abandonment rate
What our clients say
“One of our biggest pain points coming into the partnership with Noticed was our website usability and accessibility…and after the key changes that Noticed has made, so far so great! Our core team members at Noticed provide clear and consistent communication and are always very helpful and eager to help us succeed and grow the Lemon Perfect business."
- Shaun Kopko, Customer Experience Manager, Lemon Perfect
PDP Strategy
With a simple shopping funnel on site, optimization of PDP (product display page) was of the utmost importance to emerging beverage brand, Lemon Perfect. With a higher than average bounce rate on PDP, Noticed identified that by improving UI by shifting page layout above the fold on mobile and desktop, there would be a significant impact on performance. Within weeks, Lemon Perfect's PDP abandonment rate dropped by a whopping 25%
AOV Lift
Increasing AOV by even a few dollars per order makes a significant difference on the bottom line for d2c brands. Improving AOV on site was a key task for Noticed to tackle at the top of our partnership with Lemon perfect. We recommended installing a dynamic sidecart app that offers personalized recommendations sitewide that will improve AOV dramatically in the checkout funnel.
Rewards Program
With the health of on site performance improving across the board, Noticed shifted gears to support Lemon Perfect in launching a Rewards program with key tech stack partner Yotpo. The core goal of the Yotpo launch is to increase customer retention and customer lifetime value with both short and long term positive net gains.

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