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Lazarus Naturals was founded on the belief that quality CBD products should be accessible to those who need them most. Consistently ranked one of the top CBD merchants on the market, Lazarus is best known for their commitment to natural products and community assistance.


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Partnering with Lazarus presented three dynamic challenges that required our email marketing expertise: growing multiple revenue lines simultaneously, amplifying the brand’s social mission, and changing societal perceptions of the industry.


Our first goal will sound familiar to any hemp brand - overcoming paid media regulations by turning to other profitable channels.

The second opportunity was one we always relish; like many Noticed clients, Lazarus Naturals is a mission-based brand. In addition to growing the company’s sales, we would support their work providing relief for veterans, low-income households, and individuals with disabilities.  

Finally, we would set out to educate consumers on the versatile, long-term benefits of CBD. When you create a lifestyle, you can inspire lifetime customers.


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When you create a lifestyle, you'll inspire lifetime customers.

Email Marketing


Setting up Lazarus’ first-ever email automations, we started by giving them a strong foundation of revenue-generating flows: a welcome series for new customers, win backs for lapsed customers, and browse/cart abandonment reminders to convert window shoppers.

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Email Marketing

Driving Traffic to Social

While social media advertising may be off the table, organic posting is not.

For a community-driven brand like Lazarus, this presents a great opportunity, so Noticed also leverages the brand’s welcome email to drive customers to its social profiles.

Email Marketing

Inspiring Lifetime Customers

While many people believe in CBD’s benefits, there’s still a lot of confusion on what it is, how to use it and whether it works.

While some brands lean into the industry’s “trendiness”, we aimed to retain lifetime customers by demystifying the product and showcasing it as part of a sustainable wellness routine.

Whether sharing lifestyle content about reducing holiday stress or creating original recipes featuring Lazarus tinctures, we collaborated to showcase CBD as a product that anyone can incorporate into their everyday life. 

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