Layla Sleep.

Layla Sleep

Layla Sleep makes science-backed products for better sleep. Their cult-favorite mattresses, pillows, bedding, and weighted blankets were designed for a cooler and cleaner sleeping experience that energizes you for the day ahead.


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Having recently migrated to new eCommerce and email platforms, Layla had a laundry list of exciting email projects to get us out of bed in the morning.

From preserving critical customer data to creating new and engaging email designs, we jumped in feet first - but the real fun was just getting started.

Project Goals

This confident brand knew exactly what metrics would move the needle for them. Together, we created a plan-of-attack to increase the share of revenue driven by email efforts, translate Layla’s new brand aesthetic to its email marketing, optimize content to drive cross-sells, and launch a new marketing channel: SMS.


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Rallying fans around the hashtag #LaylaLetsMe, Noticed sources compelling email content while growing an engaged social media following along the way.

Email Marketing


Having recently migrated to Klaviyo, we kicked off with an overhaul of Layla’s existing email flows. After designing a new, branded template, we got to work customizing it to create a compelling welcome series and cart/browse abandonment experiences.
Now, the moment a customer opens the first email they are welcomed with a preview of product offerings, educated about Layla’s free trial offer, and drawn in by a sample of the brand’s 5-star customer reviews and passionate press write-ups. 

Email Marketing

User-Generated Content

A mattress purchase is more than meets the eye. It's said that we spend ⅓ of our lives sleeping, and consumers care about the quality of that sleep more than ever. Additionally, big-ticket home purchases are often a sign of a life event like a new apartment, job, or step in a relationship.

Our point? A new mattress purchase comes with high expectations, and if you deliver, your customers will sing your praises.

To cash in on this trend, we design Layla’s emails to encourage (even more) positive reviews, and work with our partner Yotpo to showcase them. Rallying fans around the hashtag #LaylaLetsMe, we source the email content we need while growing an engaged social media following along the way. 

The enthusiasm speaks for itself - from discerning pets to public figures like the band Hawthorne Heights, customers love Layla’s light and fun-loving brand as much as their 5-star mattresses.

Email Marketing


Like many D2C brands, Layla launched its business with a flagship product before expanding the line. After 5 years in business, and with tens of thousands of their flagship Memory Foam Layla Mattress sold, the brand released its new Layla Hybrid Mattress in February, 2020.

Combining a traditional spring mattress with their copper-infused memory foam, the new model features “more bounce and less sink” for customers who prefer a highly supportive sleep. 

To help potential customers understand the unique benefits of each model, Noticed launched an ongoing educational campaign. From the welcome series to the website, customers are greeted with multiple touchpoints ensuring they get the right product for their needs - increasing satisfaction and decreasing returns.

SMS Marketing

Launching SMS

There is so much competition in the modern mattress-in-a-box space that a frictionless shopping experience is key to beating your competitors.

For Layla's SMS Welcome Series, we created the smoothest experience possible - the promise of a coupon on Layla's homepage, texted to you instantly upon signup.

We started by focusing on bottom-of-the-funnel opportunities, such as the Welcome Series and Abandoned Cart Series. From there, we've continued to branch out with additions like a "Refer-A-Friend" flow, leveraging happy customers as brand advocates through Layla's Loyalty program.

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