KushCab is a recreational marijuana delivery service operating throughout California. This “mobile dispensary” curates high end concentrates, flowers, edibles, pre-rolls, and vaporizer cartridges from premium brands like Stiizy and Bartewoods, and delivers them directly to customers the same day.


Conversion Rate Optimization
Search Filtering
Architecture Update
PDP Expansion

Email Marketing
Flow Implementation
Content Management
Analytical Insights




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Strict cannabis regulations can be challenging, but they also lead to unexpected opportunities. Legally, KushCab can only sell to California residents 18 and older. Unsurprisingly, they came to us with a large base of repeat customers. With a niche and curious audience at our fingertips, Noticed leveraged the available data to personalize a marketing and CRO strategy that would boost customer loyalty as well as repeat purchases.


Creating an email marketing plan from the ground up, KushCab would need a full slate of automations. For both marketing and on-site optimization, we aimed to increase the brand’s conversion rate by thinking like their customers: discerning consumers who thrive on education and options.


revenue growth in one month after introducing automated email flows.


of KushCab's total revenue now comes from email.

Technology Platforms

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Noticed's email management team has greatly impacted my business’ growth and sales, increasing my monthly revenue by over 100%! By partnering with Noticed, I was able to utilize the full potential of my website, especially in areas I would have never thought of.

- Eugene K., Founder and CEO

Email Marketing

Automated Flows

Noticed wasted no time creating revenue-generating email flows, implementing 7 in the first month of management. From initial welcome emails to a win-back series, automations keep KushCab’s customers engaged and coming back for more.

By the end of our first month working together, KushCab’s overall eCommerce revenue had grown 231%. 

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Email Marketing

Email Campaigns

Next, we got to work on campaigns that are tempting and timely. From holiday deals for “Blazegiving” and “Merry Litmas” to recurring promotions like weekend sales and “Wake and Bake Wednesdays” KushCab takes their marketing - but not themselves - seriously.

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Conversion Rate Optimization


KushCab’s buyers are discerning customers; they want to be knowledgeable about what they put in their body and crave a personalized shopping experience.

To optimize KushCab’s site, we started by redoing the information architecture to suit the way they shop. Moving away from a brand-focused approach, we rearranged content blocks, updated menus, and added new search filters that allowed customers to more easily search by product type, collections, and strains - not just by company.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Product Detail Pages

Additionally, we built out PDPs with detailed descriptions.

While they previously featured only product names, prices, and an ‘add to cart’ button, they now include breakdowns of each strain’s unique characteristics and experience.

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