Dr. Kellyann

Dr. Kellyann provides the best in bone broth, collagen, and supplements to aid in wellness and weight loss. In addition to offering Dr. Kellyan’s namesake products for purchase, the company’s eCommerce site houses educational guides, healthy recipes, and a forum to share your wellness journey.


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Health & Wellness


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When Dr. Kellyann came to Noticed, her cult-favorite products and programs were spread out across four websites built on two platforms. Simply aggregating the content was not in the cards, as none of the existing sites’ architecture could organize it in a way that was cohesive or intuitive.

So, our challenge was two-fold: migrating all of Dr. Kellyann’s content under one roof, and rebuilding from scratch with the brand’s versatility in mind.

Project Goals

To tackle this project, we set out to overhaul the site’s architecture, navigation, and UI/UX. This included:

Improving speed by removing extraneous apps,
Boosting conversions by streamlining UX/UI,
Creating community through UGC and reviews,
And implementing subscription purchasing.

The result? A user-friendly single-site experience.

Technology Platforms

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For Dr. Kellyann, our challenge was two-fold: migrating 4 sites' worth of content under one roof, while assuring the new architecture was cohesive and intuitive.

Commerce Delivery

Four Become One

From recipes to educational resources, Dr. Kellyann offers much more than the products that she sells. Previously, this diverse content was spread out across 4 pages includes a Wordpress site, 2 microsites, and a small Shopify store. 

Our optimization team, designers, developers, and project managers collaborated on the ultimate team effort to aggregate this influencer’s diverse offerings into a cohesive Shopify site with revenue-generating content front and center.

Commerce Delivery

A Unified User Experience

Our in-house UX/UI designers are responsible for laying out your website in a way that makes the shopping experience intuitive and removes barriers to purchase. For Dr. Kellyann, we prioritized niche-specific optimizations, including:

1. Organizing the content-heavy navigation menu to emphasize revenue-generating pages.
2. Highlighting high-priority product information including dietary and nutrition facts and subscription options.
3. Capitalizing on Dr. Kellyann’s influencer status by integrating a shoppable social feed from Curalate and user reviews through Yotpo. 

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