Ignite has one goal: "to change what you, and society, think about cannabis." Self-described Mavericks led by the Instagram King Dan Bilzerian, Ignite is devoted to providing its customers with the best CBD, vape, and cannabis there is to offer and shattering the negative stigma that surrounds the industry. Their philosophy? Be "the best, or nothing."


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Vape & CBD


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Despite being a budding industry, cannabis, CBD, and vape products are banned from being featured in some of the most popular advertising channels. Because of this, email marketing was a naturally perfect fit for scaling Ignite's ecommerce business.


By building Ignite's email database and sending personalized messages at the right times, Noticed is able to drive traffic to Ignite's various ecommerce stores. That traffic is then converted by ongoing conversion rate optimization.


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Technology Platforms

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We partnered with Noticed to be our go-to team for both marketing services and site AB testing, updates and customizations. Their team has been the best I have ever dealt with in 5+ years of working with agencies. You can always count on them for fast responses and excellent work. Even better, they are genuinely invested in your company and brand and are continually bringing new ideas and suggestions to the table to help us grow our business.

- Andrew Richardson, Digital Marketing Manager

Email Marketing

Different Needs, Different Lists

Due to regulations and restrictions—both legal and those dictated by the market—Ignite must keep its email lists segmented by the specific channel a customer subscribed through: CBD, cannabis, or vape. To make sure that each campaign complies, Noticed adhere to specific permissions. A fourth segment, the merchandise piece of Ignite's business, can be sent to any recipient.

Driving Revenue

Noticed's objective for Ignite is simple: drive revenue through email marketing campaigns.

Noticed built out flows using Klaviyo, designed to encourage repeat purchases. By checking in on a regular basis, customers are nudged to order a refill or try something new.

Optimization Services


Once again, because of regulations, Ignite's three different offerings are split into three separate websites: one for vape, one for CBD—which are ecommerce sites—and another for cannabis—which is designed to point shoppers to dispensaries that stock Ignite goods. 

Part of Noticed's ongoing optimization is to keep the transitions seamless between each site. Additionally, Noticed is building and optimizing landing pages and integrating some personalization. 

To ensure that customers keep coming back, Noticed implemented a rewards program with Smile.io. 

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