Affectionately named after founder Patti’s daughter, Georgia Grace, GGblue is a golf and tennis lifestyle fashion brand that aims to make women look good and feel fearless. After establishing a hugely successful wholesale and retail business at country clubs and boutiques across the country, GGblue enlisted Noticed to completely overhaul its eCommerce business.


Email Marketing
Facebook Marketing
Prospecting & Retargeting
Content Building
CRO Audit
Ongoing Optimization


Sports Apparel


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On the marketing side, Noticed executed a full discovery to identify the largest market opportunities for GGblue to scale, noting email marketing and paid social marketing on Facebook and Instagram as the best options for growth.
As for optimization, Noticed analyzed heatmaps to determine how shoppers were navigating the site. Using Hotjar to record user sessions we were able to track shopping behaviors, uncover problem areas, and identify improvements.


The fashion industry is saturated and competitive, so strategy and planning go a long way when it comes to attracting new customers using social media, then keeping those customers engaged by telling a brand’s story using email.

To convert that new traffic, Noticed helped GGblue optimize the site: some of the changes made include implementing a more effective search feature, adding cross-sell options, and making optimization-focused changes to the site’s layout to make pages more easily viewable on both desktop and mobile.


Revenue Increase


Conversion Rate Increase

Technology Platforms

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Noticed is everything I desire in a marketing team and so much more. Each and every day they go over and above my expectations and surgically get to results! I have asked many of my fellow retail CEOs and none have had the results like we have! It’s all because of the spectacular Noticed team.

- Patti Varrelmann, Founder & CEO

Conversion Rate Optimization

Audit & Implementation

After an extensive audit that included heatmap, user, and A/B testing, Noticed made some suggestions for GGblue to increase their conversion rates. Among these suggestions were to add navigation links to the static hamburger menu, including product information above the fold where there had previously only been a photo, and changing the number of products on collection pages to encouraging shoppers to continue browsing further.

Additionally, Noticed helped GGblue implement a more effective search feature, added cross-sell options, and made optimization-focused changes to the site’s layout to make pages more easily viewable on both desktop and mobile.



Conversion Rate Increase

Email Marketing

Increases Across the Board

When comparing GGblue’s numbers in 2017—prior to their ongoing engagement with Noticed beginning mid-2018—the brand saw revenue grow 5x, email marketing revenue accounting for 65% of their business. The number of orders in 2018 was six times higher than previously, and repeat customers lifted from 20% to over 30%. Additionally, Noticed grew traffic 8x, resulting in 6x more orders.



Email Marketing Revenue

30% +

Repeat Customers


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Facebook Marketing

Growing Traffic, Growing Sales

After Noticed implemented a social media marketing strategy that included retargeting and lookalike audiences, GGblue began to see an 8x increase in traffic to their eCommerce store.



Traffic Increase


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