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Purveyors of the finest jewelry and timepieces since 1930, Fink’s is one of the top 15 jewelers in the country and looking to stay ahead of the curve in a changing industry. While brick-and-mortars are still the backbone of the jewelry industry, customers are browsing and researching online before making a purchase.


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Confined to the limitations of BigCommerce and Squarespace, Fink’s saw transaction counts decline and realized that, online, it wasn’t competitive enough. The website needed to be modern and aesthetically enticing, as to appropriately showcase the precious gems and metals it seeks to sell.


Though a majority of Fink’s sales transactions are completed in-person at one of their retail locations, the latest trend in the fine jewelry industry is that customers are researching and window-shopping online before deciding to make a purchase. To remain competitive, Fink’s needed a sleek, intuitive design that would showcase its products and allow for shoppers to get a up-close look at the pieces through detailed product pages, a gallery of UGC images, and tailored cross-sell options. In addition, features on the site were added to better accommodate new trends in shopping behavior by encouraging users to take the next step to book an appointment in a Fink’s store through CTAs for store locators, live chat, appointment scheduling, and more.

Fink’s is seeking to double its online revenue in the next two to three years and, for customers still buying the traditional way, to be able to track the customer journey from the first click to the in-store purchase.


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In regards to overall value, Noticed exceeded my expectations!

- Lindsey Sinozich, Fink's

Ecommerce Services

Conversion-Minded Architecture

For Fink’s new ecommerce site, it was important that users were given plenty of options for booking in-person appointments at Fink’s various brick-and-mortar locations. Whether shoppers wanted to see and hold a piece of jewelry in person or set up an appointment ro repair a broken piece or watch, effective calls to action are peppered throughout Fink’s site. Users don’t have to look further than the main navigation to book an appointment, and it’s easy for them to discover a list of locations to select one that’s closest to them. Custom forms allow users to share exactly what they need before they even show up at the store, further enhancing the customer journey.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Custom Pages & Integrations

Part of the replatforming was creating custom pages for Fink's brands such as Breitling and Cartier. Fink’s new layout and design builds trust with shoppers by being held to the same standards as its jewelry and timepieces: timeless and sophisticated. In addition to being a worthy backdrop for high-value items, Fink’s website offers spaces for education, which helps to build further confidence in the brand.

In order to maximize conversions, Noticed built a custom integration app to leverage Yotpo with Klaviyo—taking user reviews and content to nudge shoppers to complete a purchase or book an appointment.

Every Element in its Place

Bridal and engagement is a huge part of Fink’s business, so their new website architecture had to place that area in the spotlight. Because Fink’s offers so many options, having efficient search and filtering built into the navigation using Nextopia allows users to find what they’re looking for without complication or distraction, allowing the a straight path to the shopping cart or a CTA to book an in-person appointment.

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