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While many industries enjoyed the silver lining of COVID’s effect on eCommerce, most apparel brands found their sales in an unexpected tailspin. But surprisingly, almost half of fashion retailers did not adjust their e-commerce approach, and many ended up paying the price. Fortunately, the market is expected to recover and reach $672.71 billion by 2031. Whether you doubled down on eCommerce right away, or you're committed to learning from past mistakes, one thing is clear: fashion is in flux and eCommerce experts have the antidote.

An original Shopify plus partner with 50+ successful builds under our belt, see why Noticed is the right partner to take your online sales to the next level.

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In eCommerce, no detail is insignificant. Noticed got granular optimizing Moscot’s CTAs and checkout process, until our ‘small’ changes snowballed into a 40% YOY sales increase. Read more.

There comes a time when every company has to decide - will we plateau, or continue to grow? Growth-minded Amour Vert engaged Noticed as a strategic partner to achieve their email marketing goals with more ease and less manpower. Read more.

With Noticed, we're reassured that essential communication with our customer file is managed by industry experts who care about our brand and are in lock step with our business goals. Our partners at Noticed have become a valued extension of our own team. They have been instrumental in building our email and SMS program, and do so with sophistication, efficiency and an abundance of creativity.

- Joyce Wang, VP Strategy, M. Gemi

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