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Lacking a built-out automated flow infrastructure, Dermalogica enlisted Noticed to build out new flows with a keen focus on repeat purchasers and creating brand loyalty

Increase In Flow Revenue
Increase in YOY Revenue
Increase in Deliveries MOM
What our clients say
“The Noticed team knows Klaviyo inside and out. The setup and buildout of the Dermalogica automated flow infrastructure was great and the Noticed team comes very prepared for all collaborative discussions. What we enjoy most about working with Noticed is their core focus on being CRM/Email Marketing experts and then taking that knowledge and implementing it into our email/sms program.”
- Sandy Johnson, Director of eCommerce
New Flow Builds
The Dermalogica team knew that a lack of automated flow best practice was holding back their Email Marketing program. Noticed jumped in to identify the key pre-purchase and post-purchase customer touchpoints that needed to be added and optimized within the Dermalogica flow infrastructure. Noticed placed a critical focus on improving subscription rates for Dermalogica by implementing a subscription upsell, welcome, cancellation and winback flow.
Brand Value Props
Noticed realized quickly that the key touchpoints in campaigns and flows needed to be elevated to truly focus on the amazing differences between Dermalogica products and other competitors. Noticed worked closely with Dermalogica leadership to understand the brand ethos, tone, voice as well as product unique selling propositions to ensure these key market differentiators were all captured at the most integral touchpoints with customers.
Cross-Sell & Up-Sell All Day
We noticed quickly that there were huge opportunities to cross-sell products and up-sell subscriptions to engaged consumers when they were most likely to purchase. Noticed executed these strategies to improve AOV and provide customers with the opportunity for product discovery of the entire Dermalogica skincare product line.

The Dermalogica skincare brand is globally recognized as a market leader and Noticed dug in deep to elevate brand messaging and value props to increase email marketing conversion rate and brand loyalty across the entire CRM program.

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