Core Values


Every element of Noticed is built around our core value - growth. We relentlessly pursue the path where we ALL grow. We promote an environment that inspires us to hustle, think bigger than we did yesterday, and progress in a way that leads to measurable growth for both ourselves and our customers.


We believe that investing in our team and our clients is a crucial element that empowers us to stay ahead of the game.

Never Settle

We never settle for “okay” or “good enough.” We strive to exceed expectations in everything we deliver.

Make It Happen

Through teamwork, innovation, and our “never settle” attitude, we deliver solutions and get the job done. No matter what it takes, we find a way to make it happen.


As people, it's important that we live life in an environment that embraces positivity, health, fun, happiness, collaboration, and appreciation.

Leadership Team

Our leadership is what sets us apart.

Micah Levy
Director of Marketing Services
Adam Butt
Founder & CEO
Marco De Paulis
Director of eCommerce Sales
Maricel Vivas
People & Operations Manager
Eric Kim
Frontend Development Lead
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