ComfortUp helps customers breathe a little easier thanks to products that optimize indoor and outdoor air quality and temperature. From heating systems to humidifiers, ComfortUp’s eCommerce store is the window to a more comfortable and energy-efficient lifestyle.


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With only one in-house marketer and five core marketing channels to manage, ComfortUp needed a pro they could trust to grow their email strategy. With the right automated flows in place, we knew we could deliver the ROI they were looking for. 

Project Goals

Heating and cooling is a seasonal business; there’s no way around it. But by focusing on Comfortup’s diverse inventory, leveraging deals, and educating customers, Noticed would harness email marketing to drive revenue throughout the year. 


Email Attribution


Return on Investment

Technology Platforms

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Since working with Noticed, email has become ComfortUp's highest-earning marketing channel.

Email Marketing

Foundational Flows

Noticed hit the ground running by setting up the most critical automated flows that every ecommerce merchant needs - a welcome series, along with messages to combat browse and cart abandonment. Next, we added flows for upsells and back in stock notifications.

Email automations may seem as dry as a dehumidifier, but don’t underestimate their power.

The average order value from ComfortUp’s flows is nearly 3x higher than one-off campaigns! 

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Email Marketing


Since partnering with Noticed, email has become ComfortUp’s most profitable marketing channel, more than doubling the revenue from the other 5 core marketing channels responsible for scaling their online business. 

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