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Increase In YOY Email Marketing Revenue
Increase in Subscriptions
What our clients say
Our biggest pain point was definitely flow structure and overall consistent, high-quality email design. Our partnership with Noticed has been wonderful. They're efficient, responsive, and create beautiful emails. They've increased our email revenue and really take initiative creating new flows and exciting campaigns.
-Allison DelVecchio, eCommerce & Marketing, Boie USA
Automated Flow Infrastructure
With a deeply engaged customer list, Noticed understood that one of the major pain points for Boie coming into the partnership was the optimization of the automated flow infrastructure. Noticed got to work quickly to not only optimize the strategy and design of all key pre and post purchase live flows, but added in four new critical subscription based flows to increase subscription rates on site.
VIP Section
Boie has a unique advantage with their retention marketing program; a cult like following for the brand and product that has a highly engaged VIP segment of customers…Noticed tapped into this product passion and created unique VIP segments in Klaviyo and saw a significant uptick in click through rate while also adding the implementation of additional automated flows that speak directly to the Boie VIP’s to the long term retention roadmap.

"The best part about working with Noticed is that it's easy. They're super communicative, always deliver a high-quality product on time and the team is friendly and easy to work with!” Allison DelVecchio, eCommerce & Marketing

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