Blume-ing Success: Noticed's Email Marketing Strategy Boosts Revenue by 133%

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How Blume's Marketing Strategy Needed a Skin-intervention
Blume encountered various challenges with its email marketing strategy. One of their primary issues was the lack of unity between in-store sales and email campaigns, which resulted in low return on investment (ROI) from email marketing. The company's automated flows were underperforming, and sporadic campaign cadence was causing missed opportunities, which frustrated customers.
How Noticed's Tailored Solution Transformed Blume's Email Marketing Strategy
The team started with overhauling the user experience (UX) and design of the email templates, creating an engaging and visually appealing design that complemented the existing brand and e-commerce store.

Blume's email marketing campaigns were frequent but lacked an automated flow, which the Noticed team quickly identified. The team analyzed the audience types and created a unique flow infrastructure to optimize the email strategy. After segmenting the audience types, the Noticed team introduced seven new automated flow types designed to generate interest automatically at the right time in the buying cycle.

Adding personalization to the emails was key to the success of the customer experience. Noticed achieved this by adding product recommendations that varied based on the season or weather of the user's location.

​​Blume has come a long way. Gone are the days when their email marketing strategy was out of sync and struggling to generate ROI. Today, they boast a fully integrated email marketing strategy that considers their subscription offerings, quizzes, and seasonal flows, generating impressive results.

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