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Noticed and Beautyblender joined forces to revamp the brand's ecommerce operations. Turning challenges into opportunities, that led to a stunning user experience and soaring conversions.

Increase in Revenue
Increase in AOV
Untangling the Knots
Beautyblender's previous ecommerce store had failed to adhere to industry best practices, resulting in an inefficient system for managing updates to their website's products, content, and promotions. By restructuring the product map to a "parent-variant" solution, the UX was instantly more engaging, site speeds increased as well as the efficiency of data feeds for ads and retargeting campaigns.
Beautyblender's Ecommerce Makeover
The team at Noticed made iterative design changes with a keen eye for detail, enhancing the user experience and giving the website a fresh look. They redesigned the homepage from top to bottom. Exploring every avenue for growth, alongside implementing up-selling and cross-selling to boost AOV, Noticed identified an opportunity to optimize on-site search in a way that best aligned with Beautyblender’s product assortment.
Celebrating Beautyblender's Revamp
Improving the AOV (Average Order Value) by 18% and overall revenue by 19.5% was an impressive start. Beautyblender also set a goal for a universal conversion rate at 2% - by the end of the project, the team at Noticed had achieved a consistent 2.3% conversion rate. With a solid foundation for a high-converting website, Beautyblender is set to continue their journey with Noticed.

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