Bear KompleX.

Bear KompleX

Makers of the best hand grips on the planet, Bear KompleX knows a thing or two about success. They're more than just a fitness and apparel brand: they're a lifestyle. Their grips, workout gear, and other products are built for those who aren't content unless they're the best of the best.


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Though Bear KompleX saw value in using Klaviyo for their email marketing, they lacked the bandwidth and the know-how to implement the personalization features that are necessary for connecting and maintaining a relationship with their customers. As a Klaviyo Platinum Partner, Noticed possesses these skills in spades, and has years of experience in unlocking this potential.


In putting together a marketing strategy for Bear KompleX, these features—particularly flows—proved to be incredibly valuable. Shoppers often need a little nudge in the right direction before making a purchase, and sending highly personalized content based on consumer behavior on the site is a proven way to make this happen. Having one overarching customer database is the first step, but breaking it down based on behavior and tailoring messaging that speaks to those personas is the key to a successful long-term strategy.


Email Marketing Revenue Increase


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Before working with Noticed, our email campaigns and strategies were in disarray. We just weren't good at it! Since partnering with Noticed, our email marketing has improved 10X and we have strategies that we could never have had by doing it in house.

- Jake Rhodes, Co-Founder

Right Message, Right Person, Right Time

In marketing, constant communication simply isn’t enough anymore. Personalization matters, and like many others that put in the time to make the most of what the Klaviyo platform has to offer, the results of Bear KompleX’s email marketing efforts saw a dramatic transformation, as their revenue from email marketing more than doubled.



Email Marketing Revenue Increase in 6 Months


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