Andie Swim.

Andie Swim

Andie Swim is a female-founded, female-led swimwear company focused on providing a perfect fit and a comfortable experience. With inclusive sizing from XS to XXXL, Andie’s fit experts and online resources help women find luxury one pieces and bikinis that are perfect for their body.


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Swimwear is all about the fit - so how do you sell bathing suits without a brick and mortar store? 

Inclusive sizes and lengths, flexible shipping and returns and - with help from the right partner - a marketing strategy that helps every customer feel like the best version of herself.

Project Goals

Swimsuit marketing is equal parts empowerment and aspiration, so it was clear we’d need two things: a content strategy that could strike this balance and insightful analytics to prove we were continuing to hit the mark.

Technology Platforms

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A/B testing multiple versions of each email campaign, we learned more than just what products sold best - we got to know the Andie Swim customer deeply.

Email Marketing

Getting Personal

For a brand that promises a perfect fit, there’s no place for a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Instead, we collaborated with Andie Swim on creative that celebrates the beauty of all ages, races and body types, complete with tattoos, scars, and “imperfections”. 

In addition to seeing themselves in Andie’s models, promoting resources like the brand's style and fit quizzes helped us further extend Andie's personal touch to the women they serve. 

Email Marketing

A/B Testing and Personalization

To complement Andie’s disruptive eCommerce model, Noticed used data to get personal.

A/B testing multiple versions of each email campaign, we learned more than just what products sold best - we got to know the Andie Swim customer deeply. 

With quality data at our disposal, we were able to strategize personalized flows to increase conversions. In addition to classic welcome series, win-backs, and reactivation flows, personalized content like their quiz data provided a built-in way to celebrate customers’ individuality.

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