Amour Vert.

Amour Vert

French for “green love”, Amour Vert creates thoughtfully designed fashion that’s good for people and the planet. Their sustainable model includes all aspects of operations and the lifecycle of the garment: the fibers and production processes used, how workers are treated, how it gets to the consumer, and whether it can be recycled or is forced into a landfill.


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Amour Vert is a lifestyle brand with an impeccable aesthetic and plenty of engaging content. But there comes a time when every company has to decide - will we plateau, or continue to grow? Growth-minded Amour Vert engaged Noticed as a strategic partner to take their emails from good to great.

Project Goals

The right tools can help you achieve your goals with more ease and less manpower. By migrating Amour Vert's email marketing to Klaviyo, we’d glean higher quality and more digestible analytics, then create an actionable plan to leverage the learnings. Next, we'd take advantage of a cleaner automation-building experience to rebuild their flows for maximum eCommerce impact.

eCommerce email design is not just about aesthetics, but impact - is the reader taking action?

Email Marketing

Migration and Optimization

Previously operating on Sailthru, Amour Vert was achieving success in spite of, not because of, their email service provider.

Their old ESP was convoluted with insufficient analytics, hard-to-read data feeds, and overly complex processes to create core flows like abandoned cart and browse automations.

After moving to Klaviyo, their dashboard was clear and simplified, allowing Noticed to not just report on Amour Vert’s weekly results, but use the information to optimize and improve in real time.

Email Marketing


eCommerce email design is not just about aesthetics, but impact - is the reader taking action?

While Amour Vert took the lead on brand imagery, Noticed redid their automations to make them seasonal, shoppable, and educational. 

For example, the brand’s previous welcome series featured evergreen content and led with the promotional offer that was promised at signup.

Our strategic refresh kept things relevant with seasonal offerings and switched up the layout, leading with the brand’s story of sustainability and giving new subscribers a chance to invest in Amour Vert’s mission before claiming their coupon.

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