Almond Cow.

Almond Cow

Moooooove over dairy milk, there’s a new plant-based beverage that’s rapidly gaining market share. Almond Cow is a major player in the non-dairy craze, giving vegans and non-vegans alike the ability to make their own nut milk at home.


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Though Almond Cow came to Noticed with an opted-in database of highly engaged customers, missed communication opportunities were leaving potential revenue on the table. Reactivating customers with streamlined and strategic email marketing flows was the perfect way to capture this low-hanging fruit. To pull it off, Noticed focused on optimizing automated triggered flows to communicate with consumers who otherwise may have bounced from the Almond Cow website.


In addition to strengthening Almond’s Cow’s automated flows, Noticed meticulously tested content and analyzed results until we established a set of best practices that would drive the highest click-through rates possible. Keeping customers’ attention with memorable, image-heavy touchpoints, Almond Cow quickly enjoyed major revenue gains.

The recipe for Almond Cow’s success? Enhancing visual content, putting their data to work, and implementing flows to reengage dormant customers.

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Noticed kicked off the partnership by focusing on the basics: building a solid foundation for email marketing strategy best practice in Klaviyo. Going back to basics while also digging deep into the data, Noticed more than doubled Almond Cow’s email revenue attribution, making this partnership a recipe for success!

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