Alani Nu.

Alani Nu

Alani Nu makes nutrition supplements designed to boost your workout and make you feel your best. Made from filler-free, hand-selected ingredients, Alani Nu is nutrition made simple and flavorful.


Conversion Rate Optimization
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Bringing in impactful technology partners can be an effective way to break past a sales plateau. 
For Alani Nu, Noticed knew we could amplify their already-successful Shopify store by curating a tech stack from our extensive list of partners.

Project Goals

With a strong foundation already in place, we’d start with some fine-tuning: optimizing Alani Nu’s site speed, making their messaging actionable, and leveraging their content library to drive purchases.

While taking care of the basics, we’d also begin strategizing a new partner stack that would prioritize subscription purchases and add greater personalization to the shopping experience.


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Of eCommerce sales come from subscriptions

Technology Platforms

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How do you help a successful merchant break past a plateau? With help from the best technology vendors in the industry.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Subscription Psychology

Supplements are most effective when used consistently - not to mention the consistent revenue boost when your customers subscribe to receive their favorite products regularly.

To help our client move to a subscription-centric model, Noticed turned to our partners at Recharge. Once live, we began testing psychological factors including visual cues like colors and shapes, as well as communicating savings in dollar amounts vs. percentages. 

In the end, we were satisfied we found the sweet spot that would most increase a customer's likelihood of subscribing.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting Personal

To help customers find the regimen that’s right for them we worked with two partners: Yotpo and Nosto. 

Yotpo helped us pump up Alani Nu’s rave reviews by putting compelling before-and-after images front-and-center. By seeing the results achieved by women with similar wellness goals, Alani Nu shoppers can feel more confident in their purchases.

Because wellness is a journey, we also brought in Nosto to help customers build out their regimen over time. Offering personalized product recommendations helps women take the guesswork out of taking the next step in their routine.

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